Insight in action – people, places, services

Emergent Research and Consulting Ltd was established in 2010 by Co-Directors, Dr Jonathan Pratt and Steve Matthews, with the aim of providing high quality research and consulting solutions which help to improve people’s lives, create thriving communities, and develop more effective services.

Working with a network of associates and sub-contractors, we were a full-service social and economic research agency, able to deploy the full range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies cost effectively.

We also prided ourselves on delivering practical results for our clients, building on our understanding of the policy context in which clients operate and the practicalities of bringing about positive change “on the ground”.

The company ceased trading on 29 February 2016, but Steve and Jonathan continue to work on a freelance base. Contact them on: +44(0)795 263 8922 +44 (0)772 535 8933

Our main areas of focus and expertise were:

  • Learning and Skills: helping organisations to specify, improve and evaluate services to support economic prosperity, increase individual opportunity, and build sustainable communities.
  • Local Economy: bringing research insight to organisations working to build prosperous economies and successful businesses, including initiatives focused on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and key sectors.
  • Social Economy: developing our understanding of the role that co-ops, social enterprises and voluntary organisations can play in improving public services, regenerating places, and dealing with social and environmental challenges.

We were committed to providing a quality service, by applying the highest professional standards to our project delivery and to ourselves. We abide by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, the Social Research Society’s Ethical Guidelines and the Data Protection Act (1998). Our staff and associates are highly qualified and committed to on-going professional development.

Emergent Research and Consulting was also mindful of its own impact on society and the natural environment (see Ethics)

Emergent Research and Consulting Ltd is registered in England & Wales (No. 07452200) and its Registered Office is at: 31 St. George’s Place, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1XD.