Emergent Research and Consulting is mindful of its own impact on society and the natural environment, and aims to be a force for good in its local community and beyond through its Social and Environmental Commitment, which has the following elements:

Our work: we will deliver effective research and consulting projects which have a positive impact on people’s lives, help to create thriving and sustainable communities, and enable organisations to be more effective in their work. Subject to other commitments, we will also undertake a certain amount of our own independent research in areas that we feel are of social value and pro bono work for civil society organisations.

Our staff: we will work to provide our staff with a decent livelihood and opportunities for professional and personal development. Whenever possible, we will try to be flexible so that staff can be effective in their work alongside family and other commitments.

Philanthropy: we will donate 5% of our after-tax profits to organisations which address social and environmental issues. In 2011, this will involve donations to organisations which support disadvantaged young people, improve the lives of older people, and protect and restore the natural environment. As a small organisation, we realise that we can only play a small role in addressing social and environmental issues, but we are keen to ensure that we do play our part.

Volunteering: we will encourage volunteering among our staff and associates, with Directors leading by example, each committing five days of company time per year to voluntary work.

Climate change: we will measure, minimise and mitigate our carbon dioxide emissions. This will include a commitment to using public transport when feasible in our work with clients, but also offsetting carbon dioxide emissions from our use of cars at the high rate of 5p per mile, which the company will donate to local and international organisations committed to forest conservation and restoration.

Localism: when appropriate and feasible, we will use suppliers of goods and services who are local to us or to our clients, maximising the benefit we bring to local communities.

We will discuss our Social and Environmental Commitment with our clients, service providers and associates, seeking their advice in order to improve our own approach and sharing good practice that we develop. Formal company policies reflect the Commitment and will be updated on a regular basis.

We will review our Social and Environmental Commitment annually and report on our activities via our website, with an annual report and regular news updates.