Develop solutions

We don’t presume to know more about your organisation and its services than you do. But we can help you unlock the knowledge and skills held within your organisation, your client groups and your stakeholders through facilitated knowledge sharing.

We can also act as an independent sounding board for refining services and developing new ones, drawing on our network of consultants with specialist skills and expertise as appropriate. We can recruit and facilitate expert panels (Delphi groups), lead scenario planning exercises, and design performance management systems, identifying key performance indicators, milestones and targets and designing benchmarking and monitoring systems to collect performance and outcome measures.

Our team has facilitated a wide range of stakeholder workshops and designed performance monitoring systems for many local, regional and national clients.

Case Study: Emergent worked with a department of a British university to help review the implications of changes to student funding and regulation relating to the professional development services and Awards they offer. Working closely and collaboratively with staff, we were able to identify key issues and options for the department to inform its new business plan.