Engage & consult

Are your clients informing the development of your services? Engaging and consulting service users in an intelligent way can be vital to the design and delivery of an effective programme.

And could your partners make small changes to their plans and activities that would help you meet your objectives? Few programmes or projects work effectively in isolation. Ensuring your service offer is co-ordinated with those of partner organisations and other stakeholders can significantly increase your impact.

We can help you consult your stakeholders effectively; whether through a light touch web survey to map who is doing what, or a more substantial process with depth interviews and facilitated workshops. We also have significant experience of working with service users (and employers and small businesses in particular) to identify and market test potential ideas for developing and refining services.

Case Study: We are currently supporting Greening the Gateway Kent and Medway in its work to develop a Green Infrastructure Business Plan for the Hoo Peninsula. The work involves an analysis of the many different functions performed by ecosystems, a data-based review of socio-economic needs and working with the local community to help it consider what it wants from its green spaces. As part of this work we have undertaken a detailed community research process involving interviews with a wide range of interested parties, discussion groups with young people and a series of “Community Conversation” events. These have involved the use of innovative techniques to engage people in thinking about their surroundings, including World Café for small group discussions and the work of visual artists to frame discussions and capture outcomes.