Evaluate effectiveness

How will you know if your programme or project has been successful? It’s seldom simply a case of money spent and outputs achieved. Do the issues you set out to resolve remain? Can you demonstrate to potential funders the need for continuation or appropriate next steps?

We offer a range of evaluation services and have specific experience of evaluating complex programmes involving multiple partners and projects. Whether you are looking for an economic impact evaluation, a social impact evaluation with monetised costs and benefits or a more qualitative approach, we can help.

We are professional researchers (and members of the UK Evaluation Society) but we also have experience of setting up and running support projects, so understand something of what it is like to be at the sharp edge. Effective monitoring and evaluation, even to Treasury and ESF standards doesn’t need to be a bureaucratic nightmare.

Case Study: Emergent evaluated a three-year HEFCE funded programme to support community knowledge exchange between nine Universities and their local communities. The evaluation had both formative and summative elements and helped to demonstrate the social and economic value of this activity at a national level.