Identify needs

Are your programmes, projects and services targeted effectively, are they getting through to those who really need support? Are the services you provide those that are most needed?

In a time of shrinking budgets, ensuring services are targeted effectively is even more crucial. We can help you quantify the scale and nature of demand, identify unmet needs, segment your market and/or prioritise services to help ensure that what you deliver is focused, effective and value for money.

And it needn’t cost a small fortune. We are experts at analysing national and neighbourhood statistics, at mining existing data sources and in undertaking desk research to provide short, focused summaries that use current intelligence to help you identify and quantify needs.

Of course, if new primary research is needed, we can do that too. Our team has years of experience designing and managing research projects using both quantitative (e.g. web, paper and telephone surveys) and qualitative (e.g. depth interviews, focus groups and expert panels) methodologies. Our web based surveys, using market leading software (SNAP), can also be particularly cost effective.

Case Study: Emergent designed an e-survey of businesses in the digital creative industries (working with Inngot Ltd and the Creative Industries KTN) to investigate issues of protecting, sharing and creating value from Intellectual Property (IP). The study quantified potential demand for new collaborative networks or platforms and demand for new forms of IP protection.