Improve services

Do you have the right feedback mechanisms in place to learn as you deliver? Your clients can help you ensure that you deliver services that are effective and represent excellent value for money.

Our team has extensive experience in customer satisfaction research, including designing the largest public sector business customer satisfaction survey in the country. But we have also designed stakeholder and customer feedback mechanisms for much smaller organisations and for a diverse range of client groups including learners, care home residents and young people.

Our approach is informed by an international review of best practice in customer satisfaction resource and includes tools that enable you to:

  • Understand how and why clients come to you
  • Evidence your key strengths
  • Clearly identify priorities for improvement
  • Start to quantify outcomes and impact
  • Benchmark yourself against similar organisations


Case Study:  Working with the social entrepreneurs at, we have developed and tested a ‘Theory of Change’ model that enables them to demonstrate how their service can support community participation and action and help to deliver social, economic and environmental impact. Through an online survey of site users and depth interviews with stakeholders we are now assessing the scale of that impact and helping to identify specific ways to  further improve the site.